This Equinox Alliance, finding recruits and bringing in the talent needed.
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 joining equinox

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PostSubject: joining equinox   joining equinox EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 12:25 am

1. What is the name of your Clan?
1. Kyros

2. Please list the names, levels and classes of all your members.
2. xGrim lvl 103 guardian, exViolety lvl 102 shura, Suprime lvl 104 tempest, lethalfang lvl 100 tempest, tommey lvl 101 marksman, Nicalye lvl 101 pyromancer, Yokurouge lvl 101 defller, drakeneye lvl 104 defiler,Shanfreez lvl 102 tempest,|wolfess|lvl 103 marksman, PetitKiteh lvl 102 hellion,fennikkusu lvl 100 guardian ElgCaress lvl 104 defiler, Khalion lvl 104 marksman

3. What was the last alliance your clan was in, and why did your clan choose to leave?
3. Catalyst was last alliance i want to leave because im not getting enough pvp experience and i want to learn how to do d9 and other things

4. What do you feel your clan can bring to the Equinox family?
4. i feel that we can bring a good many active members and some nice new faces to talk to and some laughter and maybe a little bit of help towards your cause

5. This alliance intends to partake in most pvp events, is ur clan highly active?
5. 75% of my clan likes pvp events the other 25% are finishing there gear so most of them will be active for pvp events yes.?

6. Please list along with the name of each member of the clan what days or time they cannot be active and list the reason.
6. all my members are active around 12-5pm usually in time for tws and stuff.

7. If asked to remove a member of ur clan due to inactivity would u be willing to remove the member?
7. If you asked me to remove a member because of inactivity i would immediately to it to increase room for new members and to follow your orders?

8. If a member is deemed to be a drama starter or someone who causes tension amongest the alliance, would u be willing to remove the troubled member?8. If a member is deemed to be a drama starter i will immediately take it upon my self to get rid of the nuisance right away.
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joining equinox
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